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About Big Kahuna Sport Co.

Big Kahuna Sport Co. is a full service Team and Corporate Dealer including sporting goods including equipment, apparel, uniforms, footwear and full Decoration and Customization services. With Head Office based in Surrey, BC and locations across the country, we are Canada’s leading provider of custom apparel and sporting equipment. Learn more about what we do below or click on one of the following options to learn more about Big Kahuna.


Big Kahuna’s Decoration and Customization Options

At Big Kahuna we offer a full list of custom apparel and product decoration options. Depending on the product, style, look and feel you are after, our comprehensive list of decoration options has you covered. Our experienced Big Kahuna Account Managers can help you select the right option to set your team or group apart. Click on the different options below to learn about all our decoration options. Ready to get started? Click Here to contact a Big Kahuna Account Manager today.

Custom T-Shirts, Screen Printing, Custom Shirts Screen Printing is the perfect solutions for almost all your custom apparel needs. Screen printing involves creating a stencil (printers call this a “screen”), and then using that stencil to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different stencil, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. Screen printing is the best option for designs that require a high level of vibrancy. Ideal for decorating on Team Jerseys, T-Shirts, Jackets, Fleece and even Bags, your Big Kahuna Account Manager can work with you to get the finished look you want. Need help with artwork? Our design team can help create the artwork and logo that will set your group apart. Looking for a quote on a custom piece or for more information? Click Here to contact a Big Kahuna Representative.

  • Click Here to see a video on  how the Screen Printing process works.
  • Click Here to see a full range of screen printing placement styles and options Big Kahuna can provide.

Digitzed Embroidery, Embroidered Digitized embroidery is the process of using a thread and a needle in combination with a computerized graphic file (DST file) to provide near perfect results. This data from the DST file instructs the machine to stitch a particular design, determines the correct stitching order, the correct thread colours, indicates when to trim thread, and many other functions. In only a few minutes, the computerized embroidery machines will stitch a design and embroider with precision accuracy. Embroidery provides that professional level of appearance. Perfect for shell jackets, polos, hoodies, bags, caps and toques, whether you need school wear, team wear, casual wear, sportswear, corporate wear or work wear Big Kahuna has you covered. Find your next custom embroidered product in one of our Big Kahuna Catalogues here.

Sublimation, adidas sublimated uniforms, sublimated jerseysSublimation is a printing process where all colours, including body colour, accent colours, team names, logos and individual player numbers are dyed directly into the fabric of the jersey. The result is a jersey that weighs less and wears better. Decoration on the jersey will not crack, peel or fade over time. The fabric maintains its stretch and wicking capabilities resulting in a better performing jersey.

Sublimation is a four colour process allowing for the printing of complicated logos and multi-colour team names and player numbers. adidas sublimated uniforms feature all in pricing – meaning you can add association and sponsor names and/or logos at no additional. Since Sublimating is a dye process based off of artwork, you can easily repeat the same jerseys and designs for years to come.

  • Visit the adidas miTeam site to design and create your own custom jerseys or uniforms.

Schutt Reconditioning It’s not wise to use old and broken equipment, but new equipment is becoming increasingly expensive and school budgets are limited. From this dilemma, the concept of athletic equipment reconditioning was born. Awareness of the benefits of reconditioning, as well as the value-added services a quality reconditioner can provide in invaluable to both the players safety and overall risk management for a program. Big Kahuna is Canada’s leader in equipment reconditioning.

  • Click Here  to see a video showcasing the Schutt Sports Reconditioning process
  • To talk to a Big Kahuna Representative and learn more about the Reconditioning process Click Here

Heat Press and Heat TransfersThe Heat Press process allows you to add a printed design, image or text which has been printed on a specific heat transfer paper, and apply it to a shirt, tote bag or other fabric item using even, consistent heat and pressure from a heat press. The heat press itself is like a giant iron that applies consistent and even pressure to the graphic during the application process. The result is a professional looking graphic design. Since the heat press procedure utilizes a graphic print on heat transferable paper, this process permits a greater amount of creative freedom and designs at an affordable price.

Heat presses are also a great option for custom name bars, team jerseys and number.

  • Click Here to see a video showcasing the Heat Press process.
  • Heat Press decoration is the perfect solution for your next custom t-shirt or apparel needs. Find your apparel items Here.

Big Kahuna Sport Co. LogoBig Kahuna also has a variety of other decoration options for your sports team or association. Custom Chenille name bars and patches are ideal for your next jackets, hoodies or vest orders. Are you a corporate group looking to generate better brand awareness? Talk to one of our Big Kahuna Account Managers today about custom embroidery, laser engraving and digital printing on your next promotional items.

To talk to a Big Kahuna Representative and learn more about the decoration process. Click Here